Update 4/15/11

The month since our last update has been a busy one! Currently, our main focus is getting our first book ready for publication. We have been transcribing our interviews with Westside community members. After the interviews were completely written out, we edited them down so that they read more like stories rather than question and answer sessions. These edits have gone through several revisions to make sure that everything flows while maintaining the storyteller’s voice.

We’ve also been working on selecting images for the book. We are trying to include new images taken by the Press, meaningful family photos from the interviewees, and historic photos of the neighborhood. Thankfully, we have a lot of images to go through! We are also working on deciding which writing samples collected from the writing stations will go in the book. ¬†Finally, we have been working on choosing a meaningful order to put each short story, photo, and writing station sample in. This has been no easy task, but like a good puzzle, everything has its proper place.¬†In the coming weeks we hope to finalize the book layout, which will bring us one step closer to our final product!

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